Tracking Yorkshire's Dinosaurs with Dr Liam Herringshaw - 31 May 2021 1pm

Tracking Yorkshire's Dinosaurs with Dr Liam Herringshaw - 31 May 2021 1pm

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It would be a bit cheeky to call this The Dinosaur Coast if there weren’t dinosaur fossils to be found. Thankfully, North Yorkshire is one of the best areas in the world to hunt dinosaur footprints, and Burniston Bay is a brilliant place to start your search.

In this Hidden Horizons expert walk, palaeontologist Dr Liam Herringshaw will be your guide as we track down some of the terrible lizards that once stalked the Yorkshire coast. The rocks of Burniston Bay are Middle Jurassic in age, around 165 million years old. At that time, North Yorkshire was a coastal plain, with meandering rivers, lush vegetation, and dinosaurs! Their bones are extremely rare, but at least seven different types of fossil dinosaur footprint have been found here. They are thought to have been made by sauropods such as Cetiosaurus, theropods such as Megalosaurus, and ornithischians such as Stegosaurus. Traces of other Jurassic creatures can also be found, as well as fossil plants.

We will meet at the Crook Ness car park at 1pm and then head down the steps into Burniston Bay. We’ll go south towards Cromer Point to start with, and get our eye in by having a look at the very interesting sedimentary rocks exposed there. We’ll then move north up the bay towards Horse Back, seeking out dinosaurs and other Jurassic beasts, before coming back into the middle of the bay and meandering our way across the foreshore. Then we’ll go back up the steps for a cliff-top overview of everything we’ve seen, before returning to the car park.

The meeting place details are:

Grid Reference TA025935
Latitude , Longitude (decimal) 54.327614 , -0.42423025
Latitude , Longitude (degs, mins, secs) 54°19′39″N , 000°25′27″W
What3Words : fear.hands.jumps
Postcode (nearest) : YO13 0DB

The total itinerary time is 4 hours: we meet at 1pm,  2.5 hours before low tide and finish 1.5 hours after low tide. You will need some snacks, drinks and sensible footwear/clothing.

We are currently only offering these longer, more in depth, field-trips to over 16s (they are on a weekday in school term time). we do plan to open them up to all ages in the near future.